Why Elliptical Pin Heat Sinks?

Elliptical pin heat sinks perform like cross cut (rectangular pin) heat sinks. They both provide very low thermal resistance when there is good airflow (1 m/sec or above). But due to the airfoil shape of their pins, elliptical pin heat sinks beat other heat sinks by offering the lowest pressure drop, which minimizes the downstream air heating and improves the overall heat transfer when multiple heat sinks are used in-line along the airflow direction. In addition, with cold forging technology, the height of elliptical pins can be 50 times as tall as their minor axis. In contrast, the height of plate fin heat sinks are often limited by the extrusion process, whose aspect ratio (height to gap) is often less than 10. There are also reports demonstrate that elliptical pin heat sinks outperform other heat sinks when fans are mounted on top of them (fan sinks, CPU coolers, etc.).
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