Why Die-Cast Zinc Heat Sinks?

Adam January 28, 2014Manufacturing MethodsQ&A

Die-cast zinc heat sinks are often ignored because their thermal conductivity is lower than aluminum alloys used in extrusion and forging. But when used properly, die cast zinc heat sinks offer numerous advantages over aluminum heat sinks. They can have complex 3D shapes that are not possible in aluminum extrusion or cold forging. The heat sink fins can be incorporated into a frame, housing or enclosure, and eliminate unnecessary thermal resistance between the heat source and the environment. Zinc heat sinks are dimensionally stable and provide excellent EMI and RFI shielding. They are heavier than aluminum heat sinks, but provide the look and feel of high quality. When used to their full potential, die cast zinc heat sinks provide not only excellent thermal and EMI performance, but also significant savings in cost.

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