Pin Fin Heat Sinks for Natural Convection and Low Airflow Applications

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Cold-forged round-pin heat sinks are the ultimate solution for mission-critical applications, especially for systems where the airflow speed or direction may change during service.

  1. Round pin heat sinks are omni-directional – the airflow can come from any direction, and changes in airflow patterns (e.g. fan failure) only have minimum impact on their performance.
  2. Pin fin heat sinks are cold-forged from pure aluminum, whose thermal conductivity is much higher than other aluminum alloys like 6063 and 6061.
  3. The high pressure used in cold-forging process ensures that no air bubbles, porosity or other impurities are trapped in the material and thus produces heat sinks with extremely high quality.
  4. S807 series are optimized for natural convection and low airflow applications; S805 series are optimized for medium to high airflow applications.
  5. Standard size ranges from 15×15 (0.6″x0.6″) to 125×100 mm (5″x4″), and height from 9.5 to 30 mm (0.37-1.18″); Both size and height are fully customizable.

S807 Series – Designed for Natural Convection and Low Airflow Applications

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Notes: Attachment Options: 1=push pins, 2=captive screws, 3=thermal tape, 4=grease; Thermal resistance data are for reference only;

Build Your Own Heat Sink – Semi-custom heat sink optimized to your application

[find_round_pin_heat_sink intro=”You can specify the width, length and height of your heat sink. Our optimized semi-custom heat sinks are built for fast selection and deployment. There is no tooling cost or minimum order requirements, and the lead time for sampling and production is very short.”]

Recommended Attachment Method and Thermal Interface Material

The S807 and S805 series are designed to work with thermal grease and adhesive tapes. Large size heat sinks can also be attached using a wire clip or spring loaded methods. All of our heat sinks can be modified for attachments such as push pins or captive screws.

For thermal tapes, we recommend Chomerics T412 and 3M 8810.

Other Benefits of Cold-Forged Round-Pin Heat Sinks

In additional to the benefits mentioned above, round pin heat sinks are also the best solution for impingement cooling, which consists of a fan mounted on top of the heat sink (namely, fansink or CPU cooler).

Round pin heat sinks offer very low thermal resistance at low airflow rates. They are particularly good for natural convection, limited airflow, fan failure and highly populated PCB.

Round pin heat sinks also offer low pressure drop, due to its smooth pin shape. Low pressure drop improves heat transfer in the entire system, especially the region behind the heat sink.

In cold forging, the pins are an integral part of the heat sink base – they are simply squeezed out of the base by high pressure. Unlike bonded fin heat sinks, there is no thermal resistance between the pins and the base in cold-forged heat sinks.

In addition to aluminum heat sinks, we also offer round pin heat sinks made of pure copper (C11000). Copper heat sinks typically improve thermal performance by 10-20%. They are recommended for critical applications where a few degrees of temperature reduction can make a big difference.

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