Make in America

Make Heat Sinks in America

MyHeatSinks is an American heat sink company based in Livermore, California. Traditionally, most of our heat sinks were manufactured in China. In recent years, more and more customers asked us to manufacture products in the United States. We answered this call by increasing our manufacturing capabilities in the U.S., and our U.S. facility is positioned to manufacture high-performance heat sinks with state-of-the-art technologies.

Heat Sink Skiving Machines

Heat Sink Skiving Machine

Skiving is a highly efficient manufacturing method for producing heat sinks with thin fins and high aspect ratio heat sinks. Our computerized skiving machining can produce up to 1,000 aluminum or copper heat sinks per day. Robotic technologies are used to handle materials to guarantee high productivity.

Five-Axis Machining Centers

Quality and Accuracy

5-axis machining is an effective means to reduce setups and increase accuracy for multi-sided and complex parts. Our USA-made Haas UMC-750 features high-speed spindles (10,000 RPM), generous travel (30x20x20″) and 5-axis capabilities. Complex parts can be made precisely and at high speed.

Working Around The Clock

Heat Sink Manufacturing Robot

Our Trinity AX5 is a powerful pallet system. The Fanuc M-710iC robot can work tirelessly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, moving blanks from 42 pallet positions, sending them to the processing table, according to programs, and returning finished products to their original positions. When our operators come to work, the robot will send the finished products to the unloading area. With this system, we have achieved unattended production at night and on weekends, increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing costs.

Quality Assurance

MyHeatSinks Quality Measurement

MyHeatSinks is an ISO-9001 certified company. We have established strict production and quality control system to ensure our Made-in-USA quality. We use highly accurate 3D microscopic systems to measure and inspect products.

Top Reasons to Buy Heat Sinks Made in the USA

  • No international shipping or import duties (for U.S. customers)
  • Short lead times, reliable supply chain, local support, low business risk
  • Guaranteed high quality and high thermal performance
  • Guaranteed to meet U.S. and military standards
  • Your designs and confidential information will never be sent to a foreign country
  • Prices are not affected by exchange rates, tariffs, or changes in foreign government policies
  • When you buy American-made products, you support American workers and the American economy


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