Thermal Test Platform

LW-3122 TTP Thermal Test Platform

Experimental Items:

  1. Thermal Resistance
  2. Relationship Between Pressure (P) and Air Flow Rate (Q)


LW-3122 TTP Thermal Test Platform analyzes the thermal resistance (R) and the relationship between pressure (P) and air flow rate (Q). Users can set up the flow rate and heating power for testings. The purpose of the Thermal Test Platform (TTP) is to provide a duct with flexible dimension to install a DUT (device under test) for thermal testings. This apparatus includes displays for heat flux modules and a duct for heat sink installation. In our thermal laboratory, the TTP also includes the LW-9052 press load apparatus to control the contact condition between a heat sink and the chip. For more analysis, the TTP can be setup with the LW-9185-1500 Air Flow Rate and Pressure Measurement Apparatus that we also have available here at MyHeatSinks.  



RQ Curve:

  • To analyze thermal resistance (R) and the correlation of P and Q
  • A thermal wind tunnel or standard TTP can be cooperated


LW-3122 TTP Thermal Test Platform

  1. Testing Channel Dimension: Maximum: 200 (H) × 200 (W) × 800 (L) mm
  2. Testing Channel Dimension: Minimum: 25 (H) × 50 (W) × 800 (L) mm
  3. Height dimension can be customized.
  4. The Height can be adjusted as 1U to 4U
  5. Below the testing channel, there is a supporting platform

LW-9052 Press Load Apparatus

  1. Range: 0 ~ 1 kgf
  2. Installed above LW-3122 TTP

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