Vapor Chambers

Vapor Chambers

Vapor chambers are very similar to heat pipes in their wick structures and operation mechanisms, but instead of transferring heat from one point to another, vapor chambers can spread heat from one point to a 2D or 3D surface. Compared to copper and aluminum heat spreaders, vapor chambers offer an effective thermal conductivity that is more than 10 times of the thermal conductivity of copper.

The most common use of a vapor chamber is to integrate the vapor chamber to the base of a heat sink, or directly attach fins to the surface of the vapor chamber. Vapor-chamber-based heat sinks are most efficient when the heat source is small and the heat sink is fairly large.

Aluminum Vapor Chambers

Aluminum vapor chambers are lighter than copper ones and their lengths and widths can be customized. Aluminum vapor chambers can be nickel plated or anodized to various colors to improve thermal radiation. If necessary, aluminum vapor chambers can be readily bent to meet design requirements.

Aluminum vapor chamber

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