Custom Heat Pipes

A heat pipe is a simple device that can transfer large quantities of heat over fairly long distances at nearly a constant temperature. A heat pipe is typically a sealed slender copper tube containing a wick structure attached on its inner surface and a small amount of working fluid such as water at the saturation state. The fluid absorbs heat and vaporizes at hot spot and condenses and releases heat at cooler spots. As the process goes on, heat is quickly dissipated from one section to its entire length.

Because a heat pipe has no moving parts, it is a highly reliable device with demonstrated lifespan of over 20 years. The reliability depends on the manufacturing process and the purity of the materials. At MyHeatSinks, our custom heat pipes are 100% individually tested to ensure functionalities and reliability.

Heat pipes are initially manufactured in round shapes with diameters ranged from 4mm to 8mm and lengths ranged from 80mm to 500mm. To meet geometric requirements in different applications, heat pipes can ben flattened, bent or made into specific shape. Flattening and bending will have impacts on the thermal performance and reduce the cooling efficiency. But by following process guidelines, the reduction in performance can be predicted and controlled.

Heat Pipe Dimensions

Heat Pipe Dimensions

Diameter ØD4 mm5 mm6 mm8 mm10 mm
Length L80-600 mm80-600 mm80-600 mm80-600 mm80-600 mm
Length L11-3 mm2-4 mm3-5 mm4-7 mm5-8 mm
Length L27-9 mm8-10 mm9-11 mm11-13 mm13-15 mm

Bending of Heat Pipes

Bending of Heat Pipes

DiameterMinimum RSuggested RMinimum
Bending Angle
Bending Angle
4 mm9 mm12 mm90 °120 °
5 mm12 mm15 mm90 °120 °
6 mm14 mm18 mm90 °120 °
8 mm20 mm24 mm90 °120 °

Flattening of Heat Pipes

Flattening of Heat Pipes

Diameter (D)Thickness (T)(T) ToleranceWidth (W)(W) Tolerance

Heat Transfer Capability

Heat Pipe ShapeCross-sectional
Bending Radius
Heat Transfer Rate
Round PipeØ460-6001030
Round PipeØ560-6001045
Round PipeØ660-6001272
Round PipeØ860-60024120
Flattened PipeØ4 X 2.0T60-6001025
Flattened PipeØ5 X 2.0T60-6001031
Flattened PipeØ6 X 2.0T60-6001242
Flattened PipeØ8 X 2.0T60-6002555

Reliability Test

No.Test ItemTest ConditionsSampling RatioPurpose
1High Temp. Aging TestAmbient Temp. 210 C for 12 hr100%Leakage check & aging
2Thermal Response TestInsert 1/3 – ½ length of pipe into 50°C water. The temp of other end shall rise to standard value in 25 seconds.100%Vacuum & leakage check
3Qmax TestHeating Length = 25-35mm, Test temp = 60°C100%To measure the max. heat transfer rate
4Rth Thermal Resistance TestFix heat transfer rate and measure temp. difference of heat pipes>1pcs/2hrTo ensure thermal resistance of each pipe be lower than spec
5Accelerated Life Test140 C for 1000hr. Performance decrease by less than 7%By caseTo predict life of heat pipe at certain operating temp.
6Continuous Life TestContinuous testing at normal operating conditionsBy caseTo measure actual life of heat pipe until failure occurs
7Thermal Cycling TestTemp. varies from -30 C to 120 C in 10hr, 600 cyclesBy caseTo measure performance variation after thermal cycling

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