Why Choose MyHeatSinks?

MyHeatSinks is a place where you can find the best heat sink at the best price. As a company, we are committed to manufacturing only the best products with the highest quality. We are proud that our heat sinks not only provide the “coolest” solution to customers, but also make the system highly robust and highly reliable. Our main strengths are our technologies, prices, and engineering capabilities.

Cold Forging Technology

Cold forging is one of the most advanced heat sink manufacturing methods. In cold forging, heat sinks are shaped under low temperature and extremely high pressure. The process ensures that no porosity or impurities are trapped in the material, and thus produces products with exceptionally high quality. Pure aluminum (A1070) can be used in cold forging. Its thermal conductivity (~240 W/m-K) is among the highest of all aluminum alloys (higher than 6061 or 6063).

In addition to cold forging, we also make high quality heat sinks using precision die casting, extrusion and other methods. The materials include aluminum, copper and zinc. All the heat sinks are scientifically designed and thoroughly tested to ensure their performance, quality and durability.

Guaranteed Low Price

Offering the best price is one of our commitments to customers. We take pride that our customers are receiving not only the best heat sinks but also significant savings in cost. Headquartered in Singapore, we also have a manufacturing facility strategically located in Guangzhou, China, which is often known as “the world’s manufacturing hub”. Being in the manufacturing center has enabled us to gain easy access to China’s vast supplier network, and equipped us with the resources to maintain our low prices.

World-class Engineering Support

We have a world-class engineering team consists of thermal, mechanical and manufacturing engineers. Educated in some of the world’s most prestigious universities, most of our engineers have advanced engineering degrees (Ph.D. or Master’s) and/or official training certificates from Mentor Graphics (“FloTHERM”) and Ansys (“Icepak”). Building on years of experiences in designing thermal products for some of the world’s greatest technology companies, our engineering team is ready to support your most challenging design and manufacturing requirements.

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