Low Price Guarantee

MyHeatSinks offers highly competitive prices on both standard and custom heat sinks. We are able to keep our low-price commitment due to the following strengths:

Highly efficient and specialized equipment. Our cold-forging and die-casting machines are optimized to produce high quality heat sinks at a high speed. Our CNC and high-speed drilling machines are also configured to perform secondary operations in a highly efficient manner.

Partnership with Asia’s cost-effective and high-quality suppliers. With a factory in China’s Guangdong province, we have the geographic convenience to partner with cost-effective suppliers, such as extruders, sheet-metal fabricators and surface finishers. Our partners are carefully selected and are located within 100 miles of our own facility.

Continuous improvement on efficiency. To lower our overall costs, we work hard to improve our efficiency in all areas including production and services. We periodically review our operations and find ways to improve both quality and efficiency.

At MyHeatSinks, customer success is our top priority. We believe that savings on heat sinks can help customers to invest their valuable fund to more important areas and become more successful. We are confident that our prices are among the lowest of our international competitors. However, if you find another supplier who can offer a better price, please let us know, and we will try our best to beat or match their price.

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