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Why Round Pin Heat Sinks?

Traditional plate fin heat sinks require the external airflow to approach in the direction parallel to the fins. But in Read More

Why Pure Aluminum?

Pure aluminum has the highest thermal conductivity among all aluminum materials, and is the best choice for making high performance Read More

What Are the Benefits of Cold Forging?

Posted by Adam in Manufacturing MethodsProduct HighlightsQ&A
Cold forging is an eco-friendly manufacturing process in which the workpiece is formed under high pressure and low temperature. The Read More

Why Die-Cast Zinc Heat Sinks?

Posted by Adam in Manufacturing MethodsQ&A
Die-cast zinc heat sinks are often ignored because their thermal conductivity is lower than aluminum alloys used in extrusion and Read More

How to Optimize Round Pin Heat Sinks?

Posted by Adam in Q&A
Nusselt number correlations and entropy minimization had been used to optimize heat sinks. The empirical method described in the next Read More

We are offering cold forged COPPER heatsinks

Posted by Adam in News
Starting January 1, 2014, MyHeatSinks will be offering cold forged copper heatsinks with either round or elliptical pin configuration.

We are adding more round pin heatsinks to our standard lines

Posted by Adam in News
MyHeatSinks has recently added more standard products to its cold forged round pin heatsink lines. Now customers can order round Read More

Two-Year Limited Warranty

Posted by Adam in Policies
YOUR SATISFICATION IS GUARANTEED. MyHeatSinks Pte. Ltd. (“MyHeatSinks”) warrants that any heat sink or its attachment hardware manufactured by MyHeatSinks Read More

Epoxies, Gels, Solders

Posted by Adam in Thermal Interface Materials
Very good thermal properties; Secure and permanent joints between heat sinks and components. Hard to use because of the curing Read More

Thermal Tapes

Posted by Adam in Thermal Interface Materials
Eliminate the need for mechanical attachment hardware. Thermal performances only match or are slightly better than a direct contact of Read More
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